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Beauty Post.. Jewel Toned Lashes

Every summer for the past few years.. Okay more like 10 years.. but who’s counting.  I  find myself in the make up department purchasing a mascara that is not black or brown.  So imagine my glee last summer when jewel toned mascara actually became a trend and then imagine my utter glee when it carried over to this summer.  Way to forecast Taye! (she pats back)  Okay enough of that.. 

Let’s just talk color.. 
Royal Blues… Gleaming Greens… Pretty Plums… and my personal favorite.. Teal.

So I know what you are thinking… 

How on earth can I pull this off? 

It’s so super simple.  Here’s the key.  You ready?..  Little to no eyeshadow and if you do opt for shadow make sure it is either in the nude family..  light gold, taupe etc..  or make sure it is in the same color family of the mascara you are using. that? 


Example: Teal mascara.  Use a slight swipe of light green or teal eyeliner and a dab of light gold shadow.   When  say dab… I mean dab.. like you can hardly tell it’s there dab.   Got it?

Okay.. next tip..
A swipe of black liquid or gel liner before you apply your mascara.. The black takes on the color of the mascara while defining your eye.

Alright.. now that you know the prep.. let’s chat about the actual application.  Here’s what I do.  One coat.  Top and bottom.  Wait 20 to 30 seconds.  Then another coat top and bottom.  Wait another 20 seconds.  Last coat just the top.. and BAM!!  

Jewel Toned Eyes..
Finish your face off with a little bronzer on the cheeks,  highlighter on the cheek bones and either a nude or desert tone lip..
Voila.. you are ready to go!
The main thing is don’t be afraid..  if you don’t like it.. you can always just take it off..
Okay now shop some of my faves below..

Have a fantastic Monday!

Bold Jewel Toned Lashes.. I “Like”

Taye 😉

2 responses to “Beauty Post.. Jewel Toned Lashes”

  1. Whitney Society says:

    The purple looks really good on you! I think you pulled it off nicely.

    Thanks for posting!

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