By Taye


New Designer Spotlight: Anine Bing

 Pronounced (Anee-na) Bing

I paid a visit to the brand new Anine Bing showroom last week..  If you are anything like me you
are completely obsessed with this one year old line of denim basics, linen tanks,  studded and quilted leather jackets and shoes.  Along with carryall bags and dainty gold jewelry to die for.  

I first set my fashion crazed eyes on Anine Bing about 6 months ago… When her super classic, amazingly wearable leather jackets started showing up in the blogsphere.  Her stuff is so perfectly model/mom/woman on the go off duty that I just knew that the line had been around for ages.. only to find out that the line was just 6 months in. 

I had a few questions for Anine and here’s what she had to say..

1. Where were you born and raised? 
I was born in Denmark where I lived the first 10 years of my life.. Then we moved to Sweden with my family. It was a great place to grow up.

2. Being a huge celebrity/model ..  was it a natural progression for you to start your own line? 
I started modeling at 15 and then I was a singer in a band, Kill Your Darlings, and so fashion is the thread that runs through my whole life.
I started the collection because I had a vision of a label and a line that epitomized everything I had seen and done in the fashion and music industry until now.

 3. Your company is only one year in.  Are you shocked at the level of success you have had?
I don´t know if shocked is the right word, but I am super thankful and happy about the success. I work very hard and have a amazing team around me. I love what I do and wanna keep growing and make women out there look gorgeous..
4.  Why do you think the company has taken off so well?
Because I don´t make things to complicated. I reach out to a big mass because my design is a contrast between hard and soft, pretty girl and rock chick – even white and black. And I think a lot of women love that.  Every woman I know wants to be beautiful and yet have an edge at the same time.

5. You have two beautiful children, a husband and sing in a band.. How do you balance everything so well? 
Well the wonderful part about my job is that I can find inspiration and come up with a new piece anytime any day.
For a lot of mums they’re away from their families from 9-5 and during that time they can’t see their kids – and then when they are home they can’t work.
I am really lucky that as a designer I can do both things simultaneously – sometimes my best moments of inspiration come when I am with Bianca, and with my newborn baby Benjamin.

6. What is your advice for a new designer starting a business?
Do something you love. I start by designing something I really want in my own wardrobe! If I LOVE it myself I trust my feeling that everybody else will love it too 🙂
Work HARD. Being a designer is a lot of hard work. But if you love what your doing it makes it worth every minute and hour you spend..
7. Who is the quintessential Anine Bing Woman? 

I design for women who love to dress nice without trying too hard. The collection is naturally tailored towards city girls, who travel the world, who are very fashion forward and who are passionate about art and music and want to “wear their lifestyle” day and night.

My visit to the Anine Bing showroom was so much fun.. Not only is the space a dream..  everyone including Anine was so sweet and welcoming!   I couldn’t walk away empty handed.  Here is a peek at my new Anine Bing Boyfriend jeans..  They are Per-fect-tion!  Not to big.. not to tight.. comfy ..soft and will definitely be a go to for me  all summer

Big thanks to everyone a the showroom. I had a blast!

Check out all the goodies on the Anine Bing site HERE

Anine Bing…. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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