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How to make the perfect Summer Cocktail with Ciroc.. School is in session.

There are two things in this world that are at the top of my list..  Summer.. because I was born on the first day of Summer (June 21st) and a really yummy refreshing summer cocktail!  So when I was invited out By Ciroc to

take part in their Mixology Summer School I did a couple cartwheels.. Okay not really but the level of excitement was totally cartwheel worthy.

Upon entering the Bar of Mixology 101 at the Grove L.A. we were greeted with Diddy’s Lemonade.. a perfectly refreshing way to start class.  
Picture it.. Four stations..(two cocktails each) ..Four different varieties of Ciroc Vodka .. and bunch of bloggers and media muddling our way to near perfection..
You can guess what the room looked like by the time the afternoon was over.. ALL Smiles!

 Students paying close attention!

 And by the time the third drink came around.. all giggles.

Our professor of the day was Master Mixologist Billy Ray.  Making sure that we were muddling, pouring, and sipping correctly through out the afternoon..  Pretty sure I was being scolded at this very moment..

 Below are the recipes to my Ciroc favorites of the day…

And if you are not the “make it yourself” at home type.. Welcome to my world.  Never fear.  Head on over to Mixology 101 at the grove and order up..

Huge thank you to Ciroc and Mixlolgy 101 for having me out.  It was a blast..

Ciroc Summer Mixology School… I “Like”

Taye šŸ˜‰

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