By Taye


OUTFIT TUESDAY…Stripes & Floral…

The Look
Blazer: (gifted)
 Shorts& Sunnies: H&M
Top: J Crew
Bag: MeChar Handbags
Shoes: TopShop
Watch: Movado Bold (gifted)
Nails: ChromeGirls (gifted)

 Although I have given up coffee.. That should not prevent me from going to a coffee shop right?  I mean it’s not like I will
smell the beans and fall off the wagon… right?  Anyhow.. while that is up for debate.  Let’s discuss the outfit.   Stripes and Floral you say?  Yes!  I say a big loud hec yes to stripes and floral.  Two very different prints that in the grand scheme of things should not work together.. But for all you skeptics.. Behold.  I give you..yes I will say it again.. Stripes and floral!  (at a coffee shop with tea in my hand)

Okay now at the request of my dear friend Nikia Phoenix.. who happened to be at my house while I was adorning my body with these particular Stripes and Floral… I will tell you why this works.. It’s as simple as Black & White.. The Stripes on the Boohoo blazer are black and the background print of the short is Black.. The other stripes on the blazer are white.. along with the top and the other background print of the shorts. 

You with me so far…?

Okay. So that’s where the phrase that I absolutely despise but is so totally necessary for this post comes in.  The black in the blazer “ties in” the black in the shorts.  The white in the blazer “ties in” the top which also “ties in” the white in the shorts. Thus making two that should be very wrong together.. quite right together.  Phew that was a mouthful..

Okay that’s enough with the tutorial..more pictures please!

Have a Magical Day everyone..

Stripes & Floral… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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