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Last Minute Festival Style = Coachella

Coachella Style

If you are anything like me.. and I am quite positive I am not the only one out there..You are a last minute.. Throw it together.. what the hell am I going to wear type person.  And when heading to one of the coolest events
of the year Coachella.. And I say event because Coachella is not just a music festival.. but a way of life for those two weekends that it completely takes over the desert.

Anyhow…Like I said if you are anything like me.. Then you are two days away and still have no idea what to wear..
That’s where this carefully crafted post comes in.. FESTIVAL STYLE..
Now the awesome thing about festival style is that pretty much anything goes!  Everything from retro head to toe to modern sleek is heavily abound on the streets parties and festival grounds of the dessert during Coachella.
Thus I give you one of my looks from last year.. Feel free to completely steal all of it.. and some easy options for this year.

In short.. Big Bags.. Big hats.. Big Headbands and Big ole personality is all it takes to shine.  Well actually you may shine automatically from the sweat dew natural glisten continuously forming from the unavoidable heat.  Wait I just made Coachella sound like a nightmare.  Rest assure it’s not. Heat is good.. and contrary to popular belief sun is good in small bits.  Thus making Coachella so good!
So along with all those “bigs” I just mentioned.. you will also need protection.. okay mind out the gutter please.. I’m talking lips, hair and eyes.. and when the night turns cold.. and it will!
That’s where the Fresh Sugar lip balm in coral comes in.. Slightly tinted so your pretty never fades and the BangsStyle  Light Sea Salt Mist for your thirsty mane.  Spray throughout the day to hydrate your hair and protect it from the dry desert.. and added bonus it smells like heaven therefore you will too!
Pair those goodies with a happy sweater and striped blazer..
Add Rayban mirrored aviators for the “I am awesomely cool factor” and bam!  You are Coachella ready! 
Okay so a recap..
✔ Big Bags: Like Christoper Kon  and Forever 21 backpack. 
✔ Cut offs & a flowing Maxi Dress: Like Free People and LuLu’s.
✔ Sweaters and Blazers for the cold like: Boohoo smiley face Jumper and Savannah Striped Boyfriend blazer
✔ Comfy shoes with chunky or flat heel: Like these Topshops and Rag & Bone
✔ Protection: RayBan Mirrored Aviators, Fresh Sugar tinted Lip balm and Bangsstyle Sea salt hair mist. BTW.. Bangstyle has a mobile app,  Super perfect for inspiring your many Coachella hair styles:  Check it out HERE
✔ Headgear.. J Crew Panama Hat and Topshop over sized floral headband
Any Questions?
P.S. even if you are not going to Coachella you can shop the looks below.. And make your own festival..FUN!!!


Have a fantastic Coachella weekend..
Festival Style.. I “Like”
Taye 😉  

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