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My Chat with Jessica Alba on The Honest Life..

If you think that actress, wife and mother of two Jessica Alba is just out there living life willy nilly.. then think again!

I had the chance to sit down with the style icon at the Mondrian Hotel Los Angeles in West Hollywood to chat about none other than.. well …

 The Honest Life
Jessica is not just the face of
the eco/people friendly line of bath body and home products.. but she is a champion for living a healthier life the uncomplicated way…   And in her new book The Honest Life she shares the wealth.
“I wanted this book to exist for myself”  she stated very insightfully while chatting with us over a glass of white wine.  “Toxic Chemicals can lead to everything from learning disabilities to hormonal disorders to cancer and when I was pregnant I wanted to eliminate the potential health risks.”  Going on to say that while pregnant she discovered that “a lot of the eco or green or organic products were just better for the planet and not necessarily better for people”.
While Jessica is a mother and she started her one year old line the Honest Company with her children in mind,  I had to know if the Honest Company and it’s products where just for the working mother and her little ones.   What about us single ladies?    You will be glad to know that The Honest Life and the Honest Company are meant for everyone.  “You don’t need to  be a Mom” Jessica states.. “I think everybody obviously wants to make better choices”  and “the rate of not just my mother and all her friends having full hysterectomies but my friends who are in their 20’s who are having a hard time getting pregnant and having cysts and fibroids..”  “What’s going on?”  “..What are we putting on our skin?”  
“Even a minimal exposure to me is too much” says Alba
“I still want a great orange/red lip.  I still want mascara that actually works or a great blush.  You shouldn’t have to compromise  on performance..”
and Jessica I totally agree!
I could not resist asking the the beauty (and believe me when I say that Jessica is beautiful) about starting her very own make up line.. She said..
“It’s a little bit of a dream of mine to do a beauty line one day that has high performance products that aren’t totally expensive but beautiful and work like any other product”
..and I will be the first in line.
The event was awesome complete with perfectly squared finger sandwiches, chemical free manicures and a supply of The Honest Life Books.  We all took one home with us.
And since the event I had the chance to skim through the book and I have to say it’s quite good.  Sectioned off into easy to read parts for just about every aspect of life from food to fashion to beauty  to hosting a party to parenthood.  Complete with a Dishonest Ingredients guide that takes you through the ugly and the uglier of the toxic products found is so many items we use on a daily basis. Oh and yes guys there is a section for you too.
I’ve been using a few of the Honest Company products for a couple months now.. and I adore them.. 
Jessica obviously loves the whole line.. but some of her favorites are the Conditioning mist and the Body Oil
and it just so happens that those are my faves too!
Jessica’s three rules to living an honest life are..
1. Share the information you gather.
2. Don’t be judgmental.
3. Educate yourself as much as possible on things that matter to you.
Great Advice Jessica!

It was an awesome afternoon .. Thanks so much to Jessica Alba for sharing what she learned for herself with the rest of us..

You can grab The Honest Life HERE 

Jessica Alba and The Honest Life…  I “Like”

Taye 😉

Photo’s taken with the Samsung Galaxy Camera

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