By Taye



Photo by Lance Gross

So after being told about myself by Mr. Courtney K and a couple of others for not posting a FASHION FRIDAY last week.. never mind I was paralyzed with the flu…

I did not want to risk
the backlash today.. So although this disgusting cold on steroids.. which is what the Flu essentially is still here.. I decided to start thinking about some substitutions to post today.. and in the midst of my thinking… I got inspired.

A friend of mine out of the blue posted a photo of himself from a shoot that we did a few years back.. and ding ding ding.. a light bulb went off.   So I dug down into the depths of one of my many external hard drives and found a never published shoot that he did of me last year…  And after adding a little “Tayeness” to it.. I’m pretty positive that he does not want anyone to think he adds pink hearts to anything.. I thought  .. throw back Tuesday? or just plain nostalgia?  

Okay just work with me here.. I’m still a bit foggy.

Before I go further .. Let me give photo credit to Lance Gross…

Okay done.. next.. Nothing like a Frederick’s of Hollywood Corset that was purchased years ago for a acting showcase in which the said party played a corset wearing hooker..  Go Frederick’s.. These things are made to last!.. Many Halloweens and countless styled photo shoots later and it’s still going strong.

That’s all..

Move into this day with  little bit  whole lot of LOVE!!

and.. please stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Stuff She Likes programing..

Nostalgia… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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