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Beauty Post…compliments of Spain..THE LAB ROOM

There are times when you come across one product from a line and obsession ensues.  Beauty products are not an anomaly when it come to this and I like to think of myself as a beauty product..smell good.. feel good connoisseur.  

So listen up..  THE LAB ROOM!… shall I type it again.. 


“The Lab Room products are based on aromatherapy combined with botanical
extracts, swiss perfectionism and Spanish Mediterranean joy de vivre.” 

I could not have said it better myself. 

I met founder Mónica Ceño Elie-Joseph at
Golden Globes gifting suite a while back and have been obsessed with THE LAB ROOM ever since. It’s a great incentive when the owner of the company is completely beautiful inside and out with amazing skin!

I had to try it!

So when a chunky package arrived at my door step a couple weeks ago all kinds of amazing feelings went surging through my body.  Thrill was definitely one of those feelings. 

So lets chat about it shall we.  Now because you are human and you have eyes, you can see that I have labeled some of my absolute favorites.  Not at all meaning that I am not dying over the other products.  I adore them all.  But I am completely obsessed with the Vanilla Ambar Cologne, The Body Creams and the Facial Scrubbing Mask.. which just might be the best scrub I have ever used.. and I have use a whole lot of scrubs. This scrub is based in neroli, grapefruit and lemon oils which leave your skin detoxified, soft and not irritated.

Natural, botanical, and Paraben Free (Parabens are those nasty preservatives that cause cancer amongst other issues) THE LAB ROOM delivers on quality and style.  The packaging is incredible and   the idea is to aid sensitive skin and deliver the best possible results via natural elements.  And lets face it.. It comes straight from Spain and I would say that next to my favorite country in Europe (France)…the Spanish know how to do things right. 

Check out the entire collection of THE LAB ROOM products on their website HERE
Huge thank you to THE LAB ROOM for sending over such a lovely package!
Taye 😉  

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