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BEAUTY POST.. Summer Ready Skin..

I get tons of questions about my skin…What I use..?  How do I take care of it?  Do I drink a magic potion..?   and my answer is YES..

I am not going to sit here and tell you that I am one of those women who just rubs Vaseline on my face once a day and eats anything I want and never takes a vitamin..  BECAUSE IT SIMPLY IS NOT TRUE!

I am a product whore!!..

Hand me a product and I will try it.. I have been this way since I was kid..

I’ve tried it all.. home home heat home steamers.. Spa steamers.. face creams made of  everything from fish oil to honey.. and everything else in between… Some amazing, some not so much..

..But the one thing I was dying to try, and for some reason I could never quite find the union.. was an electric facial buffer/scrub  system.  Now there are a few on the market.. and I cannot speak to those.. but a few weeks back an email from The Beauty Stop Online  landed in my inbox and it  said.. try this.. and low and behold  a TEI arrived a few days later..  (okay it did not quite go like that but you get it!)

…and being a faithful Stuff She Likes reader you know that I like to actually try products sent to me to make sure 

a) They Work 

After a few weeks with this one I can safely say it not only works.. but it WORKS WONDERS.

At $70 bucks.. you can’t really beat it..

This Kit comes with 2 brushes, one for face and one for body. A pumice stone for your feet and a buffer for your face and to top it all off they throw in a great salt scrub that can be used from head to toe!

One of the most important steps in skin care is making sure that your skin is free of dead skin so that it can absorb the hundreds of dollars in products we slather on it on a daily basis.  The TEI is a great start!

So here is the deal with the Beauty Stop Online.. they carry everything from hair tools to nail polish.. at majorly discounted prices.. The TEI usually sells at $109 bucks. On The Beauty Stop Online it’s $70.  Pretty awesome deal if you ask me! 

So get your skin ready for Summer from head to toe and….
Grab one here…

Polished skin and Hefty discounts… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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