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No Mascara Needed…

The universe works in mysterious ways.. Last week the universe decided to introduce my world to the world of celebrity eyelash extension Guru Juliana Landis.

Here’s how it all went down..

I was up early on a Saturday morning having a conversation with a friend about her new eyelash extensions.. you know.. typical Saturday talk.  Anyhow..It was one of those conversations where I was listening but not really listening because I have never really understood eyelash extensions..  

Until now that is..

Okay back to the story.. CUT TO 10 minutes after my lash extension conversation and me saying out loud.. “ehh not really my thing”.. The universe sends Juliana Landis my way..  When the Universe speaks..I listen..

So here are my thoughts 


The process:

I showed up to Juliana’s beautiful lash studio in West Hollywood.. make up free (per her instruction).. I laid down on a cozy table..under a warm blanket…and literally woke up an hour and half later with amazing new thick beautiful lashes..  Yes the process is completely non invasive..and so utterly relaxing that I was sent into a deep sleep. 


Juliana sent me home with Lash Care water based Mascara (just in case I want to add a little glam to my lashes).  Lash Care eye makeup remover.. and Lash Care coating sealer (which I will use every few days to extend the life of my new lashes).

I had no idea what to expect.. But I have to say I am absolutely over the moon with my new lashes.  No mascara needed!

The lashes last from three to four weeks.. then a touch up service is needed to maintain your look. 

And if that isn’t awesome enough.. Juliana is offering you guys 50% off your first service.  Just mention Stuff She Likes when you make your appointment.  Yay!

To make your appointment call  
For a full list of Juliana’s services including Make up and Lash Lifts and Lash extension training click HERE
No Mascara Needed… I “Like”
Taye 😉

2 responses to “No Mascara Needed…”

  1. Tray says:

    Your (makeup free?!!) skin totally upstaged the lashes in this post – AMAZE!

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