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FASHION FRIDAY…..Prints on Prints..

 Today’s Look
Skirt: Jane (on 3rd Street)
Top: Dolce Vita
Shoes: Alexander Wang
Broach: H&M
Blazer: Zara
Bag: MeChar (gifted)

 As Oscars week is in complete and full swing.. I am super honored to have amazing invitations coming my way.  So that coupled with the regularly scheduled “Life of Taye” there has been little time for anything..namely shooting this weeks FASHION FRIDAY.  So Jason G. and I decided to use my appointment at the  Mont Blanc Oscars Suite at the beautiful Beverly Wilshire Hotel as the back drop for this outfit post.  And what better back drop than sparkly diamonds and handsome watches to set off an outfit!

I have been wearing a version of this outfit for a couple days now.  Between callbacks.. a Charity Oscar dinner.. Meetings.. and appointments it was a simple yet eye catching go to that required little thought.

Side note:  I attended the Global Green Pre Oscars dinner Wednesday night..wearing a version of this outfit (swapped out the skirt) and absolutely could not believe the company I was in.  Of all the tables of 10 in the room.. I was seated at the table with.. are you sitting down?…. Emmy Rossum, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr & Martin Freeman (played the Hobbit)..with me sitting next to Emmy Rossum (she is super sweet).  I so wanted to take a picture but did not want to be wildly inappropriate and super fan stalkerish… Thus I have no proof.. BUT IT WAS INCREDIBLE and so inspiring!

Okay now back to the post..

This was technically a mixing of prints that should never have worked.. The skirt is gold and black.. the top is red and navy.. nothing about it follows the “rules of fashion”..and to that I say F**K the rules.  If you put something on and it feels good..and you don’t second guess it five times before you walk out the door…go with it..  That’s my 2¢

The ALEXANDER WANGS… I can’t get enough of them!   Wore them all day and my feet were firmly in tact.. They are a bit of a splurge but…. Grab them HERE.. So worth it and a total must have! 

Being in the Mont Blanc Suite…This post would not be complete with out a shot of the sexiest sporty watch I have seen in a while.. I so adore it!  Mont Blanc.. a different spin and it ‘s oh so good!

The Skirt:  I snagged this skirt before the holidays with full intention of wearing it then.  That never happened.. and although I got it at Jane on 3rd Street.. I found it HERE for you on line. It’s what I like to call Cheap and Cheerful!  It’s $40 price tag off set the splurge of the shoes..  High Low Ladies…High Low!

This weeks manicure was not just a creative choice for me.. knowing what the week would be ahead and the possible company I would be in .. I wanted  NEEDED to remind myself to speak my mind and follow my heart.  Which is exactly what I have been doing all week.. And I have to say… it’s okay to NEED a reminder.  Mani by Chi at Eden by Eden Sassoon

With these mirrors we could not resist!

Have a Fun Oscars Weekend..

Crazy Prints on Crazy Prints.. .I “Like”

Taye 😉

2 responses to “FASHION FRIDAY…..Prints on Prints..”

  1. Taye you get an A for this Pattern Mixing!!!! You look confident and sassy! and your mani…iLike;)

  2. ValeskaM says:

    I absolutely love your nails in these pictures!!!! Amazing!!!!

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