By Taye


Focus on the Me’s.. 2013

A couple of days ago I decided that I was not going to post anything this year that did not mean something to me.  I will not post just for the sake of posting!  

Last year one of my resolutions for Stuff She Likes was to not purchase any super expensive clothing and see if I could maintain my style.  I am proud to say I succeeded.   I shopped.. but I shopped wise.. Forever changing my view on how money and fashion are not one in the same…

Now 2013 in upon us.. first off let me say..

We made it.. and in looking back it really was not all that bad…
So I shall begin this years Stuff She Likes journey with my word of 2013..
Below is the definition courtesy of a screen shot from MacBook Pro’s very handy dictionary and my Samsung Galaxy Notes very handy S-Pen.. (team work ensues)
So I say go into this new year with Focus.. Create, see and move forward with a clear visual definition of..  
Life..Love.. Career.. and most of all being the best YOU that you can be.
It’s a lesson that I often struggle with..  I can only be me and me is great.. me is quirky.. me is unorganized.. me is creative.. me is a is talented.. me is a super mushy love monster.. me is a super sap.. me is compassionate.. me is fun.. me is funny.. me is smart.. me is intuitive.. me is quiet.. me is loud.. ME is beautiful!
You can only be who you are .. Focus on your Me’s because that’s what makes all of us special..
Okay now… Let’s do this!!
Me…  I “Like”
Taye 😉

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