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Evite Postmark + 50 Evite credits just for you..

A few years ago I met a wonderful British gentlemen who absolutely swept me off my feet…  Well as swept as I can get.. which those who know me.. it takes some doing to impress me… and that impressing has nothing to do with size.. wallet or otherwise.   Anyhow… He was handsome, classy, well dressed,
cultured… Everything you imagine a young British bachelor to be and he was visiting Los Angeles for a few days on business.   We had the best time ever and vowed to stay in touch when he left.  Calls.. emails.. texts… skype…  all those wonderful technological advances that make it impossible to not keep in touch.  And as he was preparing to head back to London,  I handed him my address and said “write me”.   As the look of utter confusion began to hover over his entire face  I knew that he absolutely had no idea what I was talking about..  It was then that I knew the era of the letter was really coming to an end..  

You see I am the girl who has a drawer next to my desk full of cute little blank cards..blank invites..blank paper and envelopes that I still send out to the unsuspecting recipient.   I am the girl who loves to open a pretty envelope to find an even prettier card. I am the girl…Okay enough of my personal life..


Evite Postmark….  

Could this be the answer to the now almost extinct handwritten note card..?

Quite close…

I tested out Evite Postmark on myself.   Yes I sent myself a card.   Oh don’t pretend that you have never thought about it!  I have to say I have fallen…  Super cute.. quirky, beautiful and classy E-Cards for every occasion.  

These aren’t just your average Hallmark cards.. apologies to anyone who loves Hallmark…
Evite Postmark’s Chief Style Director Marc Friedland is the designer of the official Academy Awards winners’ envelope and all 2013 Oscar event invitations.   How’s that for classy!

Marc Friedland has also curated a special Academy-sanctioned Oscar collection on Evite Postmark for hosts planning Oscar viewing parties.  SEE HERE

Along with invitations and birthday cards Evite has a correspondence collection which features Thank You cards, Save the Dates, and  Seasonal Greetings, including digital valentines for Valentine’s Day.  HOW CUTE!  These are some of my faves..

The Folks over at Evite wanted all of you Stuff She Likers to try it out.. First 50 credits on them..with this special Promocode– 


To redeem, log on with your Evite account or create a new account for Evite Postmark, and then select “Redeem Promotion” from the drag-down menu in the top right corner of the screen.  You will  need to redeem the promotion before February 28th, and will expire in 2 years from the day you redeem it.


If you can’t send it in the mail.. Evite Postmark them…

Evite Postmark…. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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  1. The code won't work for me 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:

    Didnt work for me eithr

  3. Is there any new codes or promotion?

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