By Taye


OUTFIT TUESDAY.. HAIR.. sans Make-up

 The Look
Sweats: American Apparel
Tank: Alexander Wang
Jacket: Janes on 3rd
Bra: LNA 
Pumps: Miu Miu
Watch: Casio
Wallet: YSL
Sunnies: Jason Wu
Extensions: c/o Hair Dreams by Vered Salon

More often than not I find myself in a frenzy to get dressed due to the fact that I tend to wait until the last minute to do almost everything..As I believe that I have stated before I am not one of those really organized girls who plans my outfits the night before.. nor do I
in my spare time put together possible ensembles for the future.  I SO ENVY THOSE PEOPLE..

I am more of a ..YIKES I have an hour to pick out an outfit, shower, pile on all my anti everything face and body creams, put on make up, do my hair, feed my pups and leave.

This time.. for this shoot.. I had 15 minutes.. to do all said above and get to Jason G. the photog’s before he left for the rest of the day!  YIKES!

Which pleasantly left me with this little ensemble.. and nothing on my face but a little  bronzer on my cheeks and eyelids and lipstick I happen to leave in the car the previous night.  I’m talking no foundation, no conclealer, NO MASCARA!  OMG!  Who leaves the house without mascara.. I’m seriously breaking my own rules..

Anyhow.. a decent night sleep and really awesome light prevailed.. not to shabby I must say.. 

Shall we move on to the elephant in the shots.. Yes I would love to tell you all this this amazing hair sprouted from my scalp in a day..I’d love to tell you that all the vitamin’s and B12 shots have miraculously taken hold.. I’d love to…. well you get the idea..

Nope..none of that.. It’s all Hair Dreams done by the amazing  beautiful Vered at the Vered Salon.  AH-AMAZING!.. Never fear there will be a fully realized post on both my new hair extensions and both of the Brazilian Keratin Treatments I had the week before.  Just let me say that Vered and Hair dreams are both incredible. 

Check out Vered Salons Website..and book a holiday appointment.  There is nothing like holiday hair. You will ADORE!


Have a happy Tuesday..

Hair sans Make-Up… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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