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M.A.C. Glamour Daze.. w/ Video Diaries

One thing I have always adored about the holiday’s.. besides the yummy food and gift giving is the endless decorating.  Not only the decorating of your house..the tree..the shops and the street.. but the decorating of one’s self.  Allow me to explain..  Sequence, Christmas sweaters, Sparkly bobbles and of course Holiday Make up.. it’s the time to make yourself look as cheery as you please all day everyday with no explanation.  

Insert M.A.C Glamour Daze Holiday collection and you are good to go.

I recently went
and hung out with the lead Make Up artists at M.A.C. for their holiday Glamour Daze event at the The Grove.  It was a make up lovers dream complete with a huge stage built by M.A.C. with an awesome live show of dancers and a rat pack reminiscent singer.. Super cool!

Behind the stage was a cozy tent full of make up stations with amazing M.A.C artists beautifying the female population of the grove..  I have to say that everyone looked good that night! Even the little kids were getting in on the action..

I also have to say that I ADORE this collection.. I’ve been wearing most of it on my face since that event.  The colors are not what you would suspect for holiday and that is super duper refreshing.  pinks, nudes and hues of purple are abundant in the Glamour Daze collection.  It’s’s’s Super Holiday!

I even made a little nifty video for you guys to see what really went down.. It was awesome..

MAC Glamour Daze..Video Diaries from Taye Hansberry on Vimeo.

The whole collection is available at M.A.C. and Nordstrom:
Here are some of my faves
Holiday Face… I “Like”
Taye ūüėČ

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