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This Week On Instagram

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I thought it was time for another selection of some favorites from my instagram. 

I adore instagram.. 

When you completely forget about
what you’ve been doing the last couple weeks (as I often do), you can always go to instagram to remind you. It’s awesome.. unless you have a stalker.. then it’s probably less than awesome..  but that’s an entirely different post..


Lets see..
1. My note to President Obama right after he was re-elected.
2. My badge of pride for the day “I VOTED”.
3. Taking a break for a latte with Jason G. the photog at Urth Cafe.
4. Terry Richardson Portrait of President Obama.
5. Guilty Halloween left over pleasures.
6. Me and My 89 year old grandma Mamie Hansberry at LACMA.
7. Sushi from M Cafe.
8. My newly gifted Samsung Galaxy Note ll.  I can’t put it down.
9. The great Mikhail Baryshnikov

Have a great Thursday Night..

p.s.  it’s raining in L.A. …Finally

Instagram.. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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