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The Art of Shoes.. An interview with Charlotte Olympia

If I had a list of people I would die to interview… Wait…Actually I do.  Allow me to start over…

I have a list of people that I find simply amazing that I would die to interview.  I am proud to say that I can now check one lovely lady off that list.  When I received an email asking if I wanted to to interview the brilliant shoe designer Charlotte Olympia my first thought was “are they really asking?”  Honestly I could have been commanded and tourrured and I would not have thought twice about it.   


I would die to interview Charlotte Olympia!  Although I do not yet own a pair of her whimsical, sexy, statement yet classic shoes.  I lust after every pair I see. 

Charlotte Olympia is amongst the few designers in this world that can really do no wrong.  With her very distinct point of view and no apologies for it, in just a few short years her brand has become the go to for fashion standouts, celebrities and even the ladies who lunch. 

I arrived at the Mariposa restaurant at Neiman Marcus expecting a press junket full of bloggers, magazine editors and such… And stepped off the escalator to find that it was just me and Charlotte..  Again I die…  

Now being that we were not able to film.  I planned to transcribe the interview the old fashion way.  But then one quiet night a week or so ago I was listening to a 1959 interview of Lorraine Hansberry by Mike Wallace and I got an idea.  Why not let you hear the interview.  So here it is.. a little choppy but none the less.. The voice, words and  ideas of the amazing Charlotte Olympia..  

note:  I attempted to condense this interview as much as possible..I got the 30 something minute interview down to 11…enjoy.

The Art of Charlotte Olympia..

A huge Stuff She Likes Thank You to Neiman Marcus for calling upon me to carry out this awesome task.  I am honored!

Charlotte Olympia…. I “Like”

Taye ūüėČ

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