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Beauty and The Dark Lip..

The Dark Lip

I’ve received a few inquires about the dark lips I have been wearing lately..  I have to say that this is a trend from the 90’s that I am over the moon with..  Such a great comeback.  When done right a dark lip exudes a


So to clear up some of the questions.. I have been dividing my lip time between two different darks.. One Berry and one Rust..  Both Nars..and both I have actually had in the stash for a little while so unfortunately neither exist anymore…

 But never fear.. I have complied a list of awesome shades all $20 bucks and under.

The right dark lip is definitely something you don’t want to skimp on.. the wrong shade and boom you are sent into eerie Elvira territory.. and we do not want that!

Now if you will notice.. pictured in my oh so lovely collage at the top of the post, four different faces and four different ways to shake it up when going dark on the bottom half of your face.   I especially adore the full dark powdery charcoal lid paired with the dark lip for night.. (see first picture in the line up)

For day time keep it to a simple dark brown, black or deep almost black berry liner..  Let your lips do all the talking.

Now a little tip when applying..  texture is everything.   A dark lip is best when creamy to matte.. gloss just dirties up the entire look.. leave the dark glossy lip to the really editorial pages of Vogue..

Anyhow.. Little tip..  I always put a heavy layer on first and then almost completely blot it off with he back of my hand.  

1. Be careful of your clothes, I’ve had a few mishaps..
2. Be sure to remove the lip print from your hand so the folks you encounter in the world don’t but you in the “I kiss myself” crazy box.

Okay where were we?  Oh yes.. Blot blot blot.. until lips look stained.. then apply a medium layer to complete the look..pat gently with your middle finger…. This gives you oh so velvety lip color.

3.Lastly with that extra little bit of color on you finger.. pat onto the apples of your cheeks..  and voila!!

A Perfect Dark Lip!


Dark Lips…. I “Like”

Taye ūüėČ 

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