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A Man Named Ozwald Boateng..

Until two weeks ago I was not entirely familiar with the world of menswear.   With so much women’s wear to attend to how could I?..  Then I received an invitation that would crack my door to menswear..  Actually more like bust it wide open.

Ozwald Boateng. 

 Not only did I
get a chance to attend the exclusive L.A. Premiere of his documentary A Mans Story in the Beverly hills theater at WME (who also happen to be
my hosting agents).  Not only did I get to attend a private dinner for
Ozawald at Mr. Chow directly following the premiere.. Invited by oscar winner
Jamie Foxx might I add.  Following in the steps of my sit down with
Charlotte Olympia… I  got a little one on one time with Ozwald for a
Stuff She Likes chat.
Check it out!!
After seeing the documentary which follows twelve years of the self taught British menswear designers life from 1998 to 2010 I was
fascinated.   From his early days on Savile Row in London at the age of 28… the youngest and first Black man to have this prestigious honor, to his days as creative director of menswear at Givenchy and everything in between.   Including a heart wrenching trip to Africa into the dungeons of the slave trade to his falling head over heels for and eventual divorce from his second wife. 
With an impressive list of costume design for major Hollywood films and TV shows (Sex and the City to name one).  A longer list of “A” list clients..and a career that although reaching through its 20th year has really just hit the tip of the iceberg..   

..Ozwald Boateng is a man of many layers wrapped in intelligence, charisma and an “IT” factor that at the age of 45 has never left his side. 

I’m still all giddy from that conversation..  I think it’s about time for a trip to London!   Thanks so much Ozwald and Varon for everything!

A Man’s Story is available on Demand and on iTunes…It’s a must see!

A Mans Story… I “Like”

Taye 😉 

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