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Soleto.. good old Italian meets Downtown L.A.

This blog post was a long time in the making…  so many what I like to call internet gremlins were hard at work to stop it…  Even the beautiful photo’s that I took of all the amazing food suddenly disappeared from my Hard Drive.  Soleto was kind enough to let me use theirs.  But as I have very securely stated to Soleto .. This post will prevail!!!

Okay let’s get to it..

About two months ago
I was invited into downtown LA for a lovely dinner at a new modern home style Italian restaurant called Soleto.

This place is super cool with a giant dinning area with a large patio for outside seating.  I was anxious to see what the Southern Italian cuisine at Soleto was all about… and as the plates started to arrive I got it.. inspired by the street side cafes in Italy ..chef Sascha Lyon (you may know his work from Delphine where he is also head chef) made it a point to make sure we were right at home with 

grilled oyster mushrooms, meatballs marinara garlic cheese bread..angel hair pasta with herb goat cheese.. pumpkin ravioli.. 

and it didn’t stop there..  

Potato bacon pie pizza, spicy smoked speck and an awesome margarita pizza from the exhibition wood fire pizza bar all joined us at the table..

Needless to say that by the time the dinner was over I pretty much had to be carried out… and that’s a good thing.

Chef Sascha Lyon really aims to make sure that Soleto is simple good food..  nothing super fancy.. just basic ingredients brought together to make everyone feel at home.  He even let me take a walk back into the kitchen where he supervises and puts finishing touches on every plate that goes out.

All and all Soleto is a great experience..yummy food.. awesome service.. super atmosphere and priced just right.. 

And soon Soleto will be launching their to-go and catering menus..  Stay tuned!

A great downtown L.A. spot for a date night, happy hour and plain old yummy Italian cuisine..

Soleto… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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