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MAC + Marilyn Monroe

I have to start this post by stating.. which most of you probably already know.. that I was born and raised in Los Angeles.  From what I am learning from my friends who are not from Los Angeles.. It’s a bit of a different up bringing..  
For those of us from L.A., weekly sightings of celebrities, seeing the Hollywood Sign, Ran ban wearing convertible driving men in their 60’s and organic food restaurants were and are pretty much the status quo.  
What those of us that are from here are completely foreign to

are Tourist Buses..  Let me explain:  I think I can pretty safely say that everyone I grew up with has never ever laid eyes on the inside of a Hollywood Tour bus.. My self included..

Last week I was invited along with about 10 other amazing bloggers and editors to experience a very special Hollywood Bus tour of Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles life in Honor of the MAC Marylin Monroe Collection..(now in stores)
What an awesomely amazing afternoon it was.  We started at the Pacific Design Center where we boarded the bus with Director of Make Up Artistry at MAC Gregory Arlt.  We were each handed yummy boxed lunches compliments of Jones on 3rd and given a guided tour of all the products in collection by Mr. Arlt himself while simultaneously listening to our uber knowledgeable tour guide who I am convinced is the biggest Marilyn fan out there.  
SIDEBAR: Our guide knew everything there was so know about the icon.. EVERYTHING! 
Okay back to the post..
While getting a first hand look at the beautifully crafted packaging and classic colors of the Marilyn collection we stopped at several of the homes that Marylin occupied in her short but amazing life including the iconic home where she died.. 
SIDEBAR #2: that last stop has a 10 foot tall white wall preventing the hundreds of tourists that travel there every day from seeing anything.. I felt a bit like a stalker.. but then thought.. why on earth would anyone live in that house an not expect busloads of tourists.. then my brain went to… Wow, wonder if the fact that Marylin lived and died there depreciates the value of the house? you can see I get a bit distracted.. 
Anyhow.. again back to the post..
We also stopped by her Crypt located in a tiny cemetery right at the start of the Wilshire corridor.  Who knew?  Marilyn like myself was born and raised right here in the good old City of Angels..  I wonder if she ever took the time to take in the sights? 
At the end of the tour the awesome folks at MAC sent us each home with a box full of products from the collection.. An iconic Marilyn movie and instructions on how to create the perfect take on the  Marylin Face.. A perfect end to a perfect Afternoon.

Now that you know about the tour.. Let stalk the collection..

If you are into classic make up.. A clean but perfect face..then this is the collection for you.. 

Feminine Strong and Sexy!

With Names like Flaming Rose Nail lacquer.. How to Marry eye shadow.. The Perfect cheek and Love Goddess lipstick.. You really can’t be anything but Strong Feminine and Sexy..


Above are some links to some of my faves that are not already sold out..  The liquid eye liner pen is amazing!

MAC + Marylin Monroe + Gregory Arlt….  I “Like”

Taye ūüėČ

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