By Taye


OUTFIT TUESDAY.. New York Fashion Week Edition

 The Look
 Blazer: Aryn K via Caro Marketing(gifted)
Top: LNA (gifted)
Sweats:10Corso Colombo (gifted)
Booties: RoseGold
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Penny Royal via Caro Marketing (gifted)
I can’t tell you how much fun I am having at New York Fashion Week this year.. I don’t know if its

The shows..The energy…or that I am here with friends from L.A.  It has been a non stop joyride..

I was stopped by Sears of all people to take some snaps of me on my way to Jill Stuart..and being the girl that I am I asked the photog to take a couple snaps with my camera..
I adore everything I am wearing here.. It was so hot and rainy this day and I needed something super simple yet chic..  LNA.. Aryn K..10 Corso Colombo and Penny Royal did the trick!

 Now I have to take a minute to talk about my Hair.. Before I left L.A.  and to the astonishment of many I decided to get a Brazilian Keratin Treatment.. I have been wanting to test this controversial treatment out for the last year.. but was unwilling to let go of my curls..  

So last week I just decided to do it.. I dove in head on..  
I have to far it’s amazing..  I am literally standing in what felt like 90% humidity..accompanied by rain and my hair stayed a straight and silky.  Not a bit of frizz..  Even my friend Nikia Phoenix was amazed..
Not to mention that washing, blowing out and flat ironing my hair use to take 2 hours..It now takes 30 minutes tops!
BIG HUGE GIANT  Thank You to Karisma at Lights Camera Beauty for making it happen..

Contact her for a consultation or appointment at : 310.709.4147 or by email at :

Simple yet Chic…. I “Like”
Taye 😉
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