By Taye


Dinner in NYC…Beauty & Essex..

New York Fashion week was a non stop ride of shows, parties, showrooms, lounges and bumpy taxi rides attempting to find locations..  But in the midst of it all I was able to indulge in an evening of amazing food, drinks and ambiance thanks to Domain Pr in the form of Beauty & Essex.

Here’s a tiny back story..

After a long walk home due to not being able to get a single cab during rush hour..

Side bar: Dear NYC cabs.. It seams like you would not all be off duty during peak hours when everyone in the city needs transportation ..Sincerely Taye.

Okay back to the back story..I quickly changed and headed out. Already a few minutes late for my 8pm reservation and on the opposite side of town I feverishly flagged  down a cab (Sex and the City Carrie style) and kindly asked him to step on it.  Which he did.  15 terrifying seat belt buckled minutes later I landed on the Lower East Side and was headed through a cool pawn shop slash expertly curated thrift shop (which we will get to later) into what would be three awesome hours of food, drinks, gut pinging laughter and a belly that looked as if a small creature was nesting!

Side bar #2: I am apologizing in advance for the not so Stuff She Likes quality of food photography.. It was really really dark in there and I had to do the one thing I loathe.. Use a Flash.  It pains me even to say it!

I cant really say enough about the whole experience.. from the Crispy BBQ fries, to the Whipped Ricotta, to the Lobster Taco’s, to the Roasted Sweet corn, to the Oven Braised Chicken Meatballs, to the Seared Nori Spiced Tuna to the Lobster ‘Mac & Cheese’.. 

..EVERYTHING…let me repeat that.. EVERYTHING was amazing!

..Even down to the warm Box of Doughnuts and the Black Bottomed Butterscotch Pot de Crème complete with cookies shaped like spoons.  We almost had to be rolled out of there.  You ever eat so much you just can’t breathe? Yep. That was me.

..And the drinks just made it all perfect!

And now on the The Pawn Shop.. 

It’s the treasure before treasure.. The Pawn Shop is really the pawn before you enter the world of Beauty and Essex..  Owned, operated and masterfully curated by 23 year old Lauren Kaminsky who comes from a family of pawn shop owners, The Pawn Shop is a treasure chest of vintage finds.  Shall I start by saying that I was coveting at least five items just from passing through to get to the restaurant.  Scull embellished clutches to electric guitars to a Saved By the Bell Screech Collectors Doll.. how could you not be mesmerized!

All and all the entire Beauty & Essex experience rocked!  A definite must stop on the New York Train!

Huge thank you to the entire staff at Beauty & Essex and Domain Pr for a perfect night!

Beauty & Essex.. I “Like”

Taye 😉

Beauty & Essex
146 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002

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