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FASHION FRIDAY… Watches and Wedges

 Today’s Look
Watch: BCGB (gifted)
Blazer: Elizabeth & James
Top: Elizabeth & James
Denim cut Off’s: Levis c/o Ruff Cut Denim
Bag; Stella & Jamie
Shoes: Nike
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunnies: Jason Wu c/o
Bracelet: Kennith Jay Lane
I am never one to relish in the bliss of Friday..but 
I have also never been one to relish on anything that resembles a sneaker…  
This too has changed.. I now relish..
Say hello to my new Nike Sky Hi Dunks and my new BCBG Pyramid stud link rose gold watch.
I’m ready for the weekend (although I am working a bit)
It’s pretty much official..I am headed back to New York Fashion Week. The aforementioned two little numbers are going to come in quite handy..  I will be checking time as I run frantically from show to show in my Dunks..Feet pain free might I add. 
Might I also add that as Jason and I began to shoot this slightly athletic ensemble.. the camera battery died.. Leaving us with pretty much all the frames you see here.. plus an iPhone photo..(first pictured) who’s battery was also on the fritz..  I have to say not bad for a 30 second shoot.

This blazer and top are among my faves in the old closet.. Blazer worn way too much and top not nearly worn enough.

Is it a bracelet?   Is it a watch?…..   ADORE!!!  BCBG snag it here

I sometime envy the pet owners who have those awesome leather leashes.. making them and their little furry ones look all cool.. Unfortunately my pups find leather extremely tasty.. I’ve gone through 2 sets..  Thus…


Watches & Wedges …. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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