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GOLDSIGN and a Lady named Downtown Julie Brown

Paying visits to beautiful showrooms that I would die to live in was at the top of my list when I started this blog…..   
I can now check that off the list  √
Last week I got to hang with the beautiful ladies at the Goldsign/ Citizens of Humanity showroom…AWESOME!
For those of you who are unfamiliar.. Goldsign
is the brainchild of Denim guru Adriano Goldschmied..  You know AG, Citizens of Humanity.. just to name some references..
Allow me to give you a short back story of how Goldsign and Stuff She Likes met..
The setting.. W Hotel 
The scene.. Fashionista’s and Jalapeno Mojioto’s
The  story:  Two beautiful women appear…wearing the most amazing silk wide leg trousers I have ever seen.  I have to know these two.  I start a conversation.. “what are these amazing pants?” they reply.. “Goldsign”
The END!

Next thing you know I am at the Showroom..
Now before I get into the particulars..I have to tell you that not only was my day made when I stepped in the door..but it was taken to another level when the one and only  
Downtown Julie Brown 
walked in with her adorable little little pup!  Ahhh a living breathing beautiful icon.. Super nice..super stylish…and super beautiful!
If you don’t know who she is..HERE is a link to her awesomeness!

Okay back to the showroom.

Allow me to give you some visuals..

The space is filled with inspiration.. Books..Magazines..Polaroids…Even a motorcycle helmet..

These little printed beauties are at the top of my list.. how can you go wrong with wild life printed right on your backside!!  I need these in my life.  Like yesterday…

and did you happen to get a glimpse at the rose printed beauties at the top of this post.. Yep…GoldSign.. totally needed.. in my the day before yesterday..

And if the visit wasn’t amazing enough.. the ladies let me walk with all five of these beauties!!

Silk Wide Legs & Denim Wide Leg
Black Flared Leather
Citrus Boyfriend Denim
 If you are trigger happy like are some links to the awesomeness that available now..
Citrus Boyfriends
GOLDSIGN Regal Elephant Flare Pants
Goldsign Seville Relaxed Bell Dark High Rise Flare Leg Jeans
Thanks gals!  You rock..

Taye 😉


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