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A Week of Birthday..

For the two years that I have had this blog I have posted thoughts on my birthday that I hope will take me through the year..  This was not one of those years.. This years birthday week was a bit of an awesome whirlwind filled with fun, gifts and food,  all ending in a photo shoot produced and shot by me.  Phew…organization is definitly not my strogest suit but I did it and managed to have a blast doing it..
So being that there was a lack of a what I like to think of as a heart felt thought provoking post ..I thought I would share the week in Hisptamatic photo’s..  
Thus my Birthday week in Photo’s..
Gifts to myself.. Everyone should self gift on their birthday..  Yay you made it another year unscathed..and gifts from others..

Gifts to self..

 This little Fuji darling is my new baby.. 

I have been lusting after it forever.   So I said self.. it could be a pair of shoes that you will get tired of in a couple years.. or this amazingness that will capture beauty, life and color that will serve as self inspiration for a lifetime.. as you see I opted for the latter.. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and you will see a fruit from this little tree..

I also wanted a beautiful piece of jewelry.. one that would not turn my arm green at the slightest drop of moisture..  I saw this yummy Kara Ross at Neimans..and made it mine..  It’s really a must have.. I found you a link directly to it HERE..  I say don’t hesitate.

Gifts from others..

An awesome gift from Seen HERE last Friday..

A gift from the amazing Courtney Capretta of 10 Corso Colombo & Capretta . worn twice already..Check them out HERE
When I bought the bracelet at Neimans the amazing sales girls wrapped these up and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. I am now in a relationship with Prada Candy body lotion.. it smells like heaven!
Then came my gift from plan on doing a whole blog on their this is just a little idea.. just know that Jason Wu has got my vote!  Can’t wait to show you guys..

 Now these were an wonderful little surprise.. I went to Decades to check out the really really private sale and walked out with these amazing Prada Velvet Wedges.. Thanks so much guys.. I already wore them..

P.S. The sale has been opened up to everyone.. Shop amazing designer shoes at $150 ..  HERE

Nothing like little diamond Studs to make a girl feel special on her day of birth..

Ahh the gift that keeps on giving.. My new Stella and Jamie handbag..haven’t put it down yet.. Grab it HERE

Super cute little surprises from Grandma…

I am allergic to most perfume and cologne .. but this one works with my chemistry just beautifully.. Been wanting it for months now..

I had a lovely little celebration at The Eveleigh Friday night in which no one including me seemed to be able to take a viewable photograph.. About 15 of us took over a corner and ate (actually I never got to the eating part),drank and laughed ourselves silly.  I have some amazing friends!

And last and definitely not least.. I had been prepping all week for a shoot..  Can’t tell you what it was for just yet.. but it was a FUNTASTIC day..  That’s me in action below.. work mode..

and this is a little preview of the results.. Taken with my new baby Fuji x10..

I had a great team..  including uber stylists, amazing models.. including Miss Nikia Phoenix and a whole host of others..
My friend Lance Gross and all his awesomeness was a sweetheart for letting me borrow his studio and assistant for the day.. 
All in all this shoot could not have been pulled off without my friends who all came aboard without hesitation to an early Sunday call time..
Which leads me to my little birthday mini post..
Last year for me was about going for what I wanted.. Doing it even when I didn’t have the energy..and letting it all out.. I accomplished that in spades.. It was definitely a break through year creatively, and intellectually for me.. Letting loose allowed me to  pinpoint exactly what I want in all areas of my life.
This year will be all about watching the seeds that I have planted grow.. with lots of:
  Love.. Careful Cultivation and Determination 
and yes some mistakes (brilliant hopefully) along the way.
Here’s to anther wonderful year of life!
I “Like”

Taye 😉

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