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Summer Essentials for All Hair Types.. Wen & Unite

No matter how you sum it up we’re always going to be on the quest for the most amazing products. As humans it’s in our blood..  And lets face it.. there will always be the constant cycle of products out doing each other for greatness.. If you are anything like me the cycle goes a little something like this..
Find the perfect product.. Hair gets totally sick of it… Find the perfect product.. Fall in love with said product.. Use said product for a year.. Hair is looking better than ever.. Said product changes the formula or goes clear out of business…ugh!
Okay enough of my ranting…
I have been lucky enough to have two amazing companies send me two amazing packages with tons of amazing products..
Let chat about them..
Wen. If you were reading Stuff She Likes last year you know that Wen is one of my all time favorites..  It literally brought my curls back from the brink of extinction..

Allow me to introduce you to Six Thirteen..  It’s  Wen on steroids.  Need I say more? Okay maybe a little more.   Pumped full of vitamins and stuff.. I say stuff because I am not a scientist..I just know for me it works!

Other products I am using non stop fro Wen.
1. Cucumber Thyme Treatment Oil.. I mix it in with my Gel or Wen leave in when I go curly.
2. Styling Cream.. Awesome ..also part of the curly cocktail.. also great for curly slick back top knots
3. The Styling Comb… Which is a must have..all combs are not created equal.. This one is double sided…super smooth and does not rake my hair.
4. The Spring Gardenia Green tea  or the Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Cream for a change of fragrance.
5. Sweet Almond Replenishing Mist.  I literally spray this everywhere.. it Rocks. on to a fairly new round of products in my bathroom cabinet..

 Unite.  A while back I posted about my favorite new hair spray that came in a nice gift bag while at Coachella.  After that it was of vital importance that I try the whole line.  Unite is  quickly becoming the styling line of my dreams.  There is a product for virtually every hair texture and every hair style out there. 

On a regular basis I am using the Tricky Spray..  it’s like a wax but less sticky and in a spray bottle..The Shina Liquid pretty self explanatory.. The 7 Seconds Conditioner this is great for pretty much everything before you blow dry.  Shina Mist Spray I use on day two of curly to bring back shine.  Blow and Set Lotion  Before you blow dry and flat iron.  Liqua Versa Gel for curly or slicked back style. Smoothing Conditioner for Straight looks.  Wicked Wax  when my hair is a bit dirty to mold by bangs into awesomeness.

Both Wen and Unite are part of my Hair Summer Essentials.
I linked all my faves up top for you to check out..
Summer Hair.. I “Like”

Taye ūüėČ

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