By Taye


Spring Cleaning… Make Up Style ♥

Once a year I do a bit of Spring cleaning.. and my Make-Up is usually the first to get a cleansing.. 
As much as we spend on make up a year.. the awesome lip glosses.. foundations.. new super products.. concealers.. mascaras etc.. anything that is not a powder has an expiration…And that expiration is usually about one year.  Ever go to apply that stunning gloss you forgot you had and it smelled kind of like a science experiment gone wrong?  First indicator that it needs to go..Here’s how it works..the bacteria on your face gets in with the liquid make up and basically starts a little party..and not a good one.. 
So this is how I do it…
I start by dumping all my make up onto a towel on the floor and one by one I put it all back ..throwing away anything that smells strange..looks strange…or was just a plain wrong purchase. 
I turned this ☝ (photo above) into this☟

 Everything placed strategically together..It’s kind of like your closet ladies..if you don’t see it you will most likely forget that it’s there.

 Organize it all into sections.. Lips. Eyes. Cheeks. Base.

Next come the brushes..  Now ideally brushes should be cleaned at least twice a month.. Yeah right.. who has time..who remembers..

No matter how often you clean your brushes..this is a good time to get down and dirty with it. I shampoo and condition mine.. after all it is actual hair in the brush.. and for those who use synthetic brushes.. a little shampoo is just dandy.  If you take care of your good brushes they will last you.. some of these I have had for 10 years.

BTW the Nars brush fifth from the right is the best thing ever.. you can grab it HERE

SIDE NOTE:  As hard as it may be to part with that half used $26 dollar Nars lip gloss.. if it’s bad it’s bad.. and believe me it will be worse if a nasty little rash breaks out right on your kisser.  

All and all I parted ways with at least $270 bucks worth if bad makeup.  Ouch!!  But I feel so much better.
I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration.. Now get in there and cleanse!!
Taye 😉

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