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Shameless Plug..Shira Lazar + Rey Li Magazine Singapore

I haven’t posted a Shameless Plug in a while.  Sometimes as a photographer, work you’ve done gets published months after you have done it.. thus you forget you did it. 
Okay let me rephrase that entire last sentence.. 
I {Taye Hansberry} completely forget to follow up on work I’ve done and when it gets published.
Alright..back to he subject at hand..oh wait …this is a Shameless Plug so technically that was the subject a hand..
Okay..on to the subject in the work..
Super fun shoot I did with What’s Trending host Shira Lazar last year for ReyLi Magazine..  My assignment was to spend the day with her and photograph her life.  I have to say Shira is a really cool girl and an amazing host.. (I’m taking notes).
If you were so into the awesome writing in this post and didn’t catch the two links above here is another on for ya.   
Shira Lazar & What’s Trending Check them out HERE
Okay all.. I have a couple more Shameless Plugs coming your way.. This is what happens when one doesn’t make plans on a Friday night and has hours to comb the Web.. 
Shameless Plugs….. I  “Like”
Taye 😉

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