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No Thinking. Lady Blogger..

Lady Blogger Day to Night

Lady Blogger Day to Night by tayehansberry featuring platform heels

Someone once wrote on my wall..
“No thinking.. If Thinking Think Nothing”.
If you have been to my house..which I am assuming most of you have not (that might be kind of creepers)
I have a chalk board wall.. Just in case it crossed your minds that I let people write on my walls. Which I probably would if I did not have the chalk board wall.. but that is all beside the point..
My goodness I have a knack for getting off track..  Anyhow!
If you are anything like me..and I know there are some of you out there…You might get a little fashion lazy from time to time.  There are definitely those days when I just don’t feel like changing..or even thinking for that matter.  The thought of dressing for both day and night can be painfully excruciating.  So I thought I’d put together a little day to night ensemble…a sort of outline if you will….
Never fear if you are not a blogger..same rules apply..  
One camera.. and a couple changes that do not require you to tear your bedroom apart in search of an outfit.  My room often looks like a mini war torn city when I am done going from day to night.
Now this does not mean you can shut off you thinker completely.  Color schemes and genre do come into play.. Bohemian chic..Rocker chic..Glam girl..Hipster lady..Groupie..start with whatever floats your boat and go from there..
Happy Monday all!!
No Thinking… I “Like”
Taye 😉

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