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Halle Berry’s Esthetician Worked on Little ol Me..Kinara Spa

Simple Solutions..simply perfect Products and An owner named Olga who is absolutely extraordinary.
I wanted to wait a week or so after my Red Carpet Facial at Kinara Spa with owner Olga Lorencin-Northrup to get a feel for my skin after the treatment and to get a feel for the products I took home.
After almost two weeks I can tell you that
my skin looks better than it has in years..
But allow me to back up a bit and share with you a little of the Kinara experience.  
The spa is absolutely grade A gorgeous.. The minute you step in the door which is located in West Hollywood on Robertson Blvd.. right up the street from Philip Lim..(They had me at the location) ..You are transported in to a serene beautiful friendly spa.  Everyone is nice!  I don’t know about you but I have been to some swanky spa’s where they seem to think I that I should be thanking them for allowing me to be in their presence..  
Not Kinara.. Upon arrival I was offered a choice of I sat a waited for my facial to begin.
Now I consider myself super lucky because not only did I get a chance to experience the Red Carpet Facial.. but I experienced it with Olga..Who has been Halle Berry’s esthetician for ten years.. and Halle looks amaze!  I can’t say enough about Olga.  Beautiful, knowledgeable, and super sweet.  During my facial we talked about everything from Organic super markets that used to reside in L.A. to why I should not use a face scrub.  Mind you I have been scrubbing the hec out of my face for years.  Lots of laughs..  She explained every product before she applied it so I knew exactly what was happening.  After my facial.. complete with two types of microdermabrasion and soothing face massage.. I was literally glowing.. Like really glowing.. 
Like someone said to me afterwards..
“You Are Glowing”  
Get it..
Here is what is so special about Olga and Kinara Spa..  Olga is not looking to give you a cookie cutter facial ..slap on some mask..scrub your first layer of skin off.. blow you with steam and then rub it all out with some ultra heavy moisturizing lotion that is suppose to clear your blemishes and wrinkles in one fell swoop.  Olga actually looks at you..your skin..your lifestyle..your eating habits and creates the facial best for you. This I so appreciate. 

Olga has her own line of products..

 A beautiful Mani/Pedi Station

 An awesome boutique

 And a back patio to die for..

 ..and a first rate staff..
All and all I had a Blast wit Olga and her staff.  I have to say that it’s quite refreshing to have someone work on your face who really has a passion for skin.
Check out their website HERE
and also this super informative blog post on Parabens that Olga wrote.  HERE
Kinara Spa…. I “Like”
P.S. I will do a quick beauty post about the products for Kinara that I have been using the last couple weeks.
Taye 😉
Kinara Spa & Skin Care Clinic
656 North Robertson Blvd., 
Los Angeles, CA. 90069
tel: 310.657.9188
fax: 310.657.9184

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  1. Ruby Coleman says:

    I tried this the other day and I absolutely love it. I told my husband to buy it for my birthday!

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