By Taye


DYI Tie Dye..or Taye Dye..

So if you follow me on twitter or instagram HERE you all know that I was Spring Cleaning pretty much the entire weekend.  This meant the dreaded but much needed annual purging of the closet.  Literally taking everything out and then putting everything back..picking and choosing of course what to keep and what to let go of.  It’s a great way to actually see your wardrobe.. So many pieces that I had totally forgotten about.  It also gives you a great idea of what you don’t have..which is exactly what happened.  
I have been lusting after the Isabel Marant Tie-Dye jeans (see here)..but at $420 a pop..that was never going to happen.. You know how I feel about spending obscene amounts of money on trendy items..DON’T DO IT..
Then I saw the much lower priced JBrands.. at $198.. not too bad but still…
Then low and behold, in the midst of spring cleaning I came across my favorite pair of JBrand high waist black skinnies. About 9 months ago I tossed them (with furry) into the back of the closet.  Lets face it jeans really only have about a one year shelf life before they become an awful shade of grey.  So I thought to myself.. “Self..why the hell not”.. (actual thought verbatim)..
..And the Taye-Dye project commenced.  
Now before we get into the how
..allow me to explain..I had a plan going in… I wanted a cross between dip dye and tie dye.  Meaning I wanted the top of the jeans to be dark and then fade into the tie dye.. I think I succeeded..
So with out further adu..  The Taye-dye Process.

What you will need..

What you need to do.  
Tie & Twist:
I’ve always heard that there is no rhyme or reason to the way you tie but that is so not true.  Depending on how you want the pattern, where you want the pattern etc..

I wanted a sort of faux floral explosion. So I twisted before I tied.  I also wanted a bit of Dip Dye.. so I only tied up to the point where I wanted the pattern.  See.. Total Rhyme and Reason.

Start at the foot of your jeans and work your way up one leg at a time.. Be patient.. if you don’t feel good about what you have just tied..remove the bands and start again..  

Listen to your gut.  

It does not have to and will not be identical on both sides..but there will be a rhyme to your reason..

It should look something like this when you are done tying..

Fill your bucket with Water and Bleach.. I did 3 cups of bleach to about 16-20 cups of water.  These particular J Brands are already super soft and thin so I did not want the bleach to eat away the fabric.  If you value your hands please put on your gloves for this process..

Clip your jeans to the side of the bucket submerging them in your water bleach formula just below the point where you want the dip /dye effect.. Note that the fabric of the jeans soak up the water so the more of the jean you leave out of the water the better ( I learned that the hard way).

Check & Wait
Now this part is where your judgement and taste come into long you soak depends on how bleached you want your jeans.  Constantly checking them I soaked these for about 12 hours.  The stronger your solution the less time you soak..  If you are working with really heavy denim you can most likely use more bleach less water.  Also know that more expensive Jeans use better dyes that are harder to bleach out..
Rinse and Wash:
Once you are happy with the amount of soaking.. remove your jeans from the bucket and place them in the sink or bathtub..somewhere where the bleach will not ruin anything.  Remove the rubber bands.. you can also cut them off.. but be careful.. I accidentally snipped these a little so they now need a trip to the denim doctor.  
Once the rubber bands are removed.. rinse your jeans really really well with plain luke warm water.  Then you can either throw them in the washer (by themselves) or wash them in your tub by hand.  The point is to remove all traces of bleach.  Dry in dryer or hang..which ever you prefer.. and Voila!!!

This was my very first time tie dying anything..but I have always been super crafty so I went ahead and used a good pair of jeans.. If you are a bit hesitant try it out on a cheap pair you do not care about first.  I am super stoked with how they came out.. I will say I did want the dip dye to extend a little further down..but whateves..

Can’t wait to wear them..
DYI Taye-dye… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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