By Taye


Fashion Friday…A Blazer Coveted


Today’s Look

Blazer: Helmut Lang From TJMaxx
Vest: Winter Kate from TJMaxx
Shorts: Virgo Downtown L.A.
Tank: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bracelet & Zebra Ring: Forever 21
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Scull Ring: Fairfax Flea MArket
A blazer coveted is a blazer eventually had. 
I lusted after this Helmut Lang Blazer all last season.. but it’s near $700 dollar price tag steered me clear of it.. and forget about it going on sale..  Thus I just prayed for a similar version in my near future..
Sometimes you ask and the rewards are better than what you asked for. 

In comes the Helmut Lang Blazer that I lusted after all last season.. where did I find it?.. None other than TJMaxx..  Whoo Hoo…  This thrills me so..
Not only did I snatch it off the rack ..but I found this amaze Winter Kate vesty thingy (yes that’s a Fashion Term) right next to it.. Score!!!
Anyhow… I will bore you no further with my rantings about my lustings…
On to the beauty section of this post.. Miss Handly will be gracing the beauty section of Stuff She Likes from now on.. Currently editing a video of this oh no awesome mani.. Gotta Love a fun Mani..
Little side story.. I was on a date a couple weeks ago.. when I was sporting the first Miss Handly mani.. you know the one with the Stuff She Likes middle finger.. anyhow… and I am quoting him verbatim.. My date looks at my nails and says “I mean those nails are cute and all but they are not elegant or classy” … ask me if I answered his call the next day..  He was definitely entitled to his opinion.. just not on the first date..

AM I Wrong??
Eyeliner & Nail Polish: c/o: Milani

Happy Fashion Finds and Happy Mani’s… I “Like”
Happy Weekend…

Taye 😉

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