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Sharing is Caring: Beauty Face Basics..

Ahh the woes finding the perfect “skin perfecting” combo..
And after years of trying so many different combo’s I am pretty positive that the perfect combination has entered my universe..
I thought I would share..after all sharing is caring
Behold my basics..and when I say basics..I mean The Bare Basics
Two actually..
Now on a day when I have oodles and oodles of time I of course go through a routine that includes concealer..and tinted moisturizer…some type of shimmer..blah blah blah.
On days where I have no time..These two skin basics are all I need..
The super awesomeness of it…
It is layerable.. 
Is that a word?..Start light and build if you need to..  Then before you add anything else.. Dust with powder..
Side Note: When I run out of concealer I layer this on ..It works perfectly..  
Extra Note: When it comes to foundation I generally go with a shade that is slightly lighter than my face.. It brightens everything.. I use C4 Foundation and Dark Blotting Powder.
Face Basics…. I “Like”
Taye ūüėČ

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