By Taye


it’s a 3 million dollar necklace…Montblanc Oscars Styllist suite..

My week last week was so awesome..still have more posts to come..but for now I have to share with you one of the most amazing moments of that week.. 

I was invited to the Montblanc Styling Suite at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel Penthouse to be amongst the first to see the Tribute to Princess Grace Kelly Collection.  

Just walking into this beautiful penthouse suite I instantly felt like royalty.  

Now I have been in some penthouse suites and this may be one of the most beautiful suites I have seen..

Not just because of the 3 million dollar dripping with diamonds necklace that glowed as I walked into the suite…☟

 Not Just because of the gorgeous photo’s of Princess Grace..

 Not just because of the Rose´ champagne and the afternoon tea….

Not just because of the beautiful peach colored roses spread throughout the styling suite.  

It was because of the awesome energy from everyone in the room..including the security guard at the door.  

Not only were the jewels, Classic Montblanc pens and handsome watches sweet..but the folks behind them were just as awesome..(and they easily could have not been).

I saw so many beautiful pieces and this might have been my favorite.  It’s so very beautiful..☝

Ahh the pink Montblanc pen yummy..

Let’s Pause for a moment to talk about the food..

These egg sandwich’s were amaze! Notice there are only two left.. We won’t disclose who ate the other three .. (me).

You know I had to show off the food.. It wouldn’t be Stuff She Likes if I didn’t..
Montblanc’s Tribute to Grace Kelly… I “Like”
Taye 😉

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