By Taye


Fashion Friday…. Pure Poetrie


 Today’s Look
Dress: BB Dakota Via  Poetrie
Heels & Clutch: Zara
Blazer: DKNY
Chain Bracelet: Gypsoteca by Maria Angela
Belt: Vintage
Sometimes you have to simply just wear the dress.. The other day a package arrived at my door from with this AMAZING BB Dakota dress..


This dress is perfection.  Beautiful..Feminine..Soft..Flowy and has the most amazing palate of colors ever!

I cold not wait to show it to you guys.. there is a link above to the dress if you want to grab it up.. 
Anyhow.. I didn’t want to style it up too much…  I almost didn’t wear any jewelry.. but my nails were still semi wet and I could not get the jewels off.  Thus…
Before we move on… Video Diary..

Okay .quick talk about the heels…trust me guys..Square toes are making a comeback.. I fell for these the moment I saw them.

Side Note: I may need a Zara intervention.. Here’s the problem.. Zara is right there at the Grove.. Right next to the Farmers Market parking.. Like you have to walk right past it to get to were you are going..and I swear I fight it..but those doors call my name..  EVERY TIME I WALK BY.. I promise you.. 

Okay I am going to stop there before someone actually sends someone from the psych ward for me …..

Ahh.. It’s nice to let it out though.. Thanks for listening…

The eye’s.. If you knew my five years ago you knew me as the girl who wore Blue Mascara..  I was obsessed with it!  Well I have decided to revisit.  The other day I was on and I saw the most amazing photo of the Stella McCartney Fall 2012 runway makeup.  The model had the most vibrant violet mascara on and pretty much nothing else..  I was hooked!!
This is my teal version…

The nails: This is my new version of I have 10 minutes to paint my nails. Here a how to..  Bare Nails..Half dark polish.. and two clear top coats.. done!  They Jury is still out but…

I “Like” it a lot. 

 In my mind I said that last sentence with a British accent.

Have a awesome weekend everyone…… I “like”

Taye 😉

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