By Taye


Are You Willing to Bleed for it?

This post has nothing to do with FOOD FASHION OR BEAUTY
This post has to do with one thing..
Many of you know that I talk about and often post pictures of my two pups here on Stuff She Likes.. 
Well tonight  my Little Guy Oliver taught me a huge lesson..
I’ll give you the story..
Earlier  today I dropped my pups off at Petsmart for a bath while I went to lunch with a good friend.. Three hours later I went to pick them up thinking I was going to walk in and see my little cuties all fluffy and clean..Instead I walk into the grooming area to find the head groomer holding Oliver while Oliver’s little white paws were covered in bright red blood..  You can imagine my horror.. What have they done to my baby..!!!
Only to find out nearly two hours later that Little Oliver.. who is all of 7 pounds scratched at the cage he had been put in after his bath so long that is paws bled..and had they not gone back there he probably would have attempted to claw his way out of there infinitely…
Here’s what I learned from my 7 pound Malti-Poo..
He wanted out of that cage so bad that he was willing to sacrifice his nails and his paws to get where he wanted to go.
This was a huge huge lesson for me..  And I had to ask myself.. “Am I willing to push until I bleed to achieve my goals”?
I am not going to answer that here on my blog.. Somethings are better left between you and yourself..  But I just wanted to leave you all with the same question.. no matter what you are going for in life.. 
Are you willing to bleed for it?
Taye 😉

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