By Taye


Adventures in Marni + H&M

So yesterday I had a spontaneous text session with the lovely Nikia Phoenix..which went a little something this..
Hey girl.. Wanna head out to H&M for the Marni launch at 7am tomorrow morning.
I’m Down
 This is a little visual to accompany the story of how it went ☟

SO here’s how it went.. provided you got there early enough.. You got in line and assigned a colored wrist band which determined the time and group that you would go in with.. We got green..I was # 29 and Nikia was #30 which meant that we were in the second group of thirty..  entering the shopping site at 8:25.  
Thus we took a little trip to Urth Cafe for reinforcements..
Once you were in..there was a dedicated area roped off for the Marni collection.  With a time limit of 15 minutes per group and a limit of two of each item per person..(Note that this means there was no trying on anything)..  The men (yes there were lots of men there) ..the women and the fashion crazed were let loose to snag, grab and mow over the competition.  
Now.. it was not as crazy as I thought it would be..but I did get a bracelet snatched right from under my hand as I reached for it and slightly pushed out of the way as I was combing the dress rack.  Other that that I came out pretty unscathed and all of this while a security guard yelled out
 “Alright people you got 5 minutes left to shop”
Once the 15 minutes was were then escorted to the checkout line..where everyone proceeded to inspect, swap and throw unwanted items to the side.  
That line actually took just as long as the shopping time..
Then you were checked out.. Getting to keep the cool hangers were handed your bag, a stern return policy..and sent on your merry way.


Little disclaimer.. I am a shopaholic..  But I have never ever ever thought about standing in a line let alone a line that starts at 7am to for fashion…  I know I know.. Some people would revoke my FASHION PASS for uttering that last statement..  I stand by my words!
Never the less.. I AM SO GLAD WE DID
 Just check out the smiles on our faces..

So here’s some of what I took home.. NOTE: I have not had a minute to try anything on here’s hopin

To view the entire collection online click HERE

Marni + Marni… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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