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Pomelatto + Tilda Swinton + Peggy Moffet

This past Monday I got to hob knob with a bit of Hollywood royalty..   The amazing Tilda Swinton hosted the opening of the new Pomelatto Boutique in Beverly Hills.  

For some dumb reason I had no idea that there would be a red carpet.. This is what I get when I  don’t fully read an invite.  Which was absolutely beautiful BTW.  Actually sent via USPS.  I miss opening invites that come in crisp white envelopes..  Anyhow.. I arrived.. walked the carpet..( I have not been on a red carpet in a few years..time for me to brush up on my red carpet posses).. I pulled a couple pics from the web of me on the carpet..(check below).

I wore..  Zara Dress…Vintage red belt..Vintage Chanel bag and RoseGold Booties.
 Anyhow back to the party.. great food..endless Veuve Clicqout (best champagne) and chocolate desserts to die for… and then there were the jewels.. some of you may remember a little post I did a while back when I got to go bask in the lusciousness of the new collection at the MHA showroom.  Click here to re-read.

 I met some really cool people and ran in to some friends that I had not seen in forever.  It’s always funny being all  dressed up at at an event with my big ole Nikon in hand.. It totally confuses the 
Kinda goes like this.. Eat a bite..ask a celeb for a pic..drink a glass of Veuve..ask a fashionista for a pic..have some chocolate..ask…. Well you get it right..  I wouldn’t  have it any other way..

Okay now the portion of my evening that left me all gitty.. I was sooooo freaking honored to meet the AH–mazing and stunning Peggy Moffett and even more honered that she allowed me to photograph her. If you  have no idea who this legendary fashion ICON is..Click HERE for a little link to view her life in pics.  Also she made a little appearance on Stuff She Likes here when I posted about Mr. Vidal Sassoon.  At 73 years old she is still stylish as ever!!

Pomelatto + Tilda Swinton + Peggy Moffet… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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