By Taye


Lust List….J Crew

So last week Mr. Big was in town and with all the amazing activities that L.A. has to offer we decided to just walk around..catch a…drink..  Most of our activity centering around the latter two.
But in between all that eating and movie going we happened to walk by a J Crew window and I was actually stopped in my tracks.  There was a beautiful/cool wedding gown.. some  awesome jewels and some pretty cozy colorful looking spring ensembles that severely caught my eye.  
After all that looking and all that stopping in my tracks I got to thinking..J Crew is one place I never shop.. hmmmm..?
Thus a couple short days later I decided to check out their website..  And a Lust List was born..

Honesty with the was all these companies are stepping up there game so ostentatiously lately..closets everywhere will be smiling from ear to ear.. that is if closets could smile and if they had ears…
J Crew… I “Like”

Taye 😉

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