By Taye



Today’s Look
Dress: Courtesy of La Made
Jacket: Build By Wendy
Shoes: Prada
Sunnies: American Eagle
Headband: Forever 21
Bangle: H&M
Clutch: Vintage
So much to talk about in this FASHION FRIDAY post..
I will start with this amazing dress that the super cool folks at LAmade sent over to me.. 
I ADORE it in every way a girl can adore a dress.  
I now want one in every color.  Unfortunately it only comes in this really cool grey.. this is a plea to LAmade.. make more please 🙂
Anyhow.. it’s the perfect spring summer dress. Light..airy..and classically sexy.. I am especially in lust with the side slit…I literally got looks the entire day I wore it.  You can snag it on the link HERE  or on the link above.. Run..don’t walk..  You guys will definitely be seeing way more of this one.
I must address the Sunnies.. $15 dollar heart shaped sunnies.. DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THAT.. super cute.. I saw them on line and absolutely had to have them..
Now everything else I am wearing has been in my closet forever..  desperately staying in line with my shopping in my own closet/thrifty concept for the year..  So far so good…
The story behind the clutch.. I snagged this clutch at a wonderful little vintage shop in Portland Oregon a few years back when I filmed a Clorox Commercial in that awesome town.  Myself and one of the other actresses in the commercial decided that on our day off we would walk the city and we stumbled upon this sublime little boutique.  I also got a great pair of earrings there.. Completely sucks that I have no idea where said boutique is or the name of it.
Now lets address the elephant in the post..  MY BANGS.. I went in for a complementary between hair cut bang trim at Vidal Sassoon and in good old Taye fashion on impulse said to Jeremy..who by the way is the bestest..  
“I want them shorter and more of them”
and I kid you not.. Thirty seconds later I had these.. Not only is he fast but he knew exactly what I meant… nothing like having that connection with the guy who puts the scissors to your hair..
I’ll Have to show them sans the clip-ins next week.. Soooo cute 🙂
And lastly.. if you look really closely you can kind of see that my face is adorned with all pink everything.  Pink Eyes. Pink Cheeks. Pink Lips. I am rather fond of this look.. I was a bit trepidatious at first.. but I was in a adventurous mood.. Now be careful to apply with precision.. because doing this has the potential to be clown like…

Have a snazzy weekend everyone!!
Pink face and awesome LAmade dresses. I “Like”

Taye 😉

Photo’s Jason Gurvitz

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