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Fashion Friday ✩ dirty hair and 90’s vigor

Today Look
Jacket: Vintage Levis Late 80’s early 90’s Via RufCut Jeans
Trousers: Forever 21
Tank: Alexander Wang
Scarf: Vintage
Booties: Rose Gold
Wallet: YSL
Necklace: Via Gypsoteca
This has to be short and sweet..because I am running to a casting and have about 20 mins to get dressed..  
I have been completely obsessed with the 90’s lately.. And because it was an era where I was actually old enough to remember the stylings I’m even more obsessed.. 
When you are young you are sort of confined to the budget and trappings of your parents..or whom ever is providing the clothing allowance.. Thus I feel now that I am a full fledged adult I can explore the 90’s with full and focused vigor.  
Thus the hunt for the perfect late 80’s – early 90’s denim jacket ensued.. and after just one stop.. The only place to go for your vintage Levis Ruf Cut Jeans and trying about 15 different jackets I settled upon this one. I adore it because it look pretty much brand new.   
Who said that Vintage Denim has to look like its been worn everyday for the last 20 years..  
This jacket is a bit stiff and extremely blue.. just what I wanted!
This was also a chance for me to re-explore the head scarf.. something I used to wear on a regular basis ..mostly out of hair laziness..  what to do when your hair is a hot dirty mess and you have no time?? Whip out a colorful scarf.. which is exactly what I did..
This tank is an old favorite.. I plead with you Mr. Wang to please revisit…
This whole post is also me getting closer and closer to my 4th tattoo.. I figured I would just walk by a shop a couple times and work up some more ideas.. I want something super simple.. 

and Super inspirational..

all in one word..

Have a super duper weekend everyone!!  
Eat something naughty!
New vintage complete with head scarf… I “Like”

Taye 😉

One response to “Fashion Friday ✩ dirty hair and 90’s vigor”

  1. Kristen says:

    This jacket is perfect! You look awesome. I also love the black pant wrangled with the brown belt. I LOVE brown and black together!! is that weird?

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