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Today’s Look
Jeans: Mother
Tee: Phillip Lim
Jacket: Theory
Necklace: Gypsoteca
Pumps: Jinny Kim
Bag: Chanel
Lip: M.A.C Lady Danger
Watch: Casio
Bracelet: Forever 21

This FASHION FRIDAY is a bit special because it marks the first shoot with these little guys. 
Back Story
I agreed to take them this week after some JERK MONSTER JACKASS! (pardon my french) ..left them on the side of the freeway.  They were dirty, starved and in need of lots of love..
With all that said I ended up with the little rascals.  10 month old brother and sister Maltipoo’s.
Meet Oliver and Madison..

It’s a lot of work..but after just 5 days I have fallen in love.  I am still in the process of getting them everything they need.  I decided to start with the important stuff like food, chew toys, vitamins and treats.  Now I am searching for a carrier that can fit the both of them, cute little sweaters because they shiver from the cold, collars and leashes.
As soon as their hair grows back out (they had to be shaved because they were so dirty and matted) an immediate grooming session. 
If anyone knows any great deals on any of this stuff please pass it my way.. Doggy stuff is not cheap..
Alright..on to the outfit..
Jeans, a tee and a leather jacket.. pretty classic and pretty simple..Add leopard pumps and you are out the door..  You can always replace the leather with simple blazer too.

I’ve had these pumps for about 3 years.. proof you can’t go wrong when you buy classics.  

These jeans are awesome.. I got a bit over zealous and bought them even though they were a size to big.. but they are so dang comfy!  They will just have to see a lot of the dryer.

I like to spice it up with some over the top jewels…and a red lip.. DONE!

Have a fantastical weekend everybody…
New Editions… I “Like”

Taye 😉

Photo’s Jason Gurvitz

4 responses to “FASHION FRIDAY ✩ New Editions”

  1. OMG!!! they are adorable! and i'm so excited for you. my doggie Hayden is the best thing EVER! we need to do doggie dates! Tailwashers on Bronson is the best groomers. Ask for Huber. He's Hayden's groomer and fantastic. Doggie stuff IS NOT CHEAP! but the longer you have them the less you'll spend on the extras. Ross has amazing dog beds for cheap! and more. And if you need a vet Dr. Rattan at Pico Blvd Pet Hospital is amazing. So nice and great and CUTE! WOOT! xo


  2. Smith says:

    Incredible post.If your puppy will want to be out often, you will be something that is not due to rain or sunlight will be harmed. Certain eco-friendly dog beds are particularly well suited for this, especially hemp or latex dog beds. There are other synthetic options, namely there is a range of 100% washable dog beds and cushions, which are specially manufactured and designed to be used outdoors.

  3. major says:

    I LOOOOVE your Puppies(Even though they are grown lol) The shoes I die for!!!!! Very chic and classic a great say Blogger meetup style outfit hint hint (hehe). Love this post. I can't wait to go home and see my dogs 2 weeks and counting :).


  4. CJ says:

    Congrats on your fur babies! Doggie merchandise is expensive. has everything for dogs and sells to most pet stores for a fraction of the price. The only issue is their shipping fee is a monster. Ciao for now,


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