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Nails Inc ✩ Pretty Polish For The Economically Challenged

Chelsea Embankment & Elizabeth Street
This is my current nail obsession!
Nails Inc.  The colors Ah-maze-balls… The quality…Ah-maze-balls-balls!  And the price.. well you get it!!

Chelsea Embankment
It started of with a gift bag at NY fashion week..  yes I am just getting around to exploring all the goodies I got. Anyhow, there down in the depths of all the stuff was a little gold bottle of  Nails Inc London Farringdon Crackle top coat.
I had to know more.. so I got my little butt up and headed to Sephora.
I combed the isles desperately..okay that may be a bit of an exaggeration. But never the less..there it was.  A huge display.. bottles and bottles of polish.   
Trafalgar Square & Farringdon Crackle top coat

The first thing that caught my little polish hungry eyes…Magnetic Polish..  What on earth could that be?

The video below explains that portion..




Lets just say I left Sephora with a different color on every nail and three bottles in my bag.. 

What can I say..sometimes I’m an impulse shopper.   Which in this case was totally acceptable because a bottle of Nails Inc will only set you back $9 bucks.

Cheap and Cheerful… I “Like”

Half way to the weekend…Happy Hump day.. 

Taye 😉

Nails Inc..



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