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HARD CANDY ✩ Make Up For The Economically Challenged

Meteor Eyes Baked Meteor Eye Shadow
So a while back at New York Fashion week I had the pleasure of being introduced to the new make up line by Hard Candy.. 
Now lets take a trip back in time..
The year is 1995.  Owener Dineh Mohajer mixes up a shade of nail polish to match her blue shoes.  She gets compliments from everybody.  Next thing you know she is selling at Fred Segal. 
Cut to: The awesome Alicia Silverstone is on David Letterman with bright blue nails. She says’s the words “Sky by Hard Candy” and boom a 10 million dollar a year empire is born.  Oh the power of the boob tube…and yes I got all that info from Wikipedia..and yes I thought it was super cool.
Cut to the year 2009..Hard Candy is revamped… and partners up with Walmart to create the amazingness we have in the year 2011..
Cut to: Last month when the awesome folks at Hard Candy sent little ole me some goodies to try out.. Yay!
I really like this brand..  For it not to be a specialty high end brand they sure did do a fantastic job of making you forget that.  The packaging is super cool..and the make up is great.  

I adore all the products.  My absolute fav so far is the Stroke of Gorgeous Felt tip Liner.  I am a bit obsessed with cat eyes lately and this liner not only makes it super simple.. but does not budge.  Take that unsteady hands!

and the Meteor Eyes Baked Meteor Eye Shadow  Pretty and perfectly iridescent.
Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara

All the other products here are pretty amaze balls too.  

Glossaholic in Fabulous

Stay in Line – Precise Mechanical Eyeliner Infused with Growth Serum in Santorini

Sheer Envy Primer
And at prices that range from $4.00-$8.00 for individual products and Gift sets that max out at $20 you really can’t go wrong…
And BTW.. They still have that awesome nail polish.. $4 bucks..
Hard Candy…  I “Like”
Taye 😉

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