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Armed with only my iPhone ..Good Eats at Foreign Cinema

I wanted to do a quick post about an ah-ha-ha-maziing restaurant that I went to while in good old San Fran a couple weeks ago..  Armed with only my iPhone I could not let this go by just because I was not with my beloved Nikon.

Foreign Cinema..  
The name just sounds sexy right!
By no means is it a brand new hot spot.. It’s been there for like 12 years.. which is infinity by restaurant standards.
And trust me it’s had a home in San Fran that long for a good reason..

The food is to die for!!!
I was there for Saturday brunch. 
Drinks, Eggs, French Toast, Beef Carpaccio, Thick Sliced Bacon, Duck Confit, Caramel Sticky buns.. I turning you on yet???
The food is amazing.  I know I said that..  The space is beautiful.  The service is fantastic.  Props to the folks who wait tables..I tried it once..fired after two months..

Oh..and to top it off..they screen favorite classic films at dusk.. this month it’s Shadow of a Vampire..  Directed my Elias Merhige.  (Super cool director..He directed a Nike commercial I was in a few years ago).. thank God for residuals  ✔ 

Open weekdays from 6pm to 2am and weekends 11am- 2am  Check here for specific kitchen hours.  Cause I am to dang tired to type them out right now.. Sorry..

The Huckleberry French Toast is ridiculous!
Crispy Duck and poached eggs..
They have forks people 😉
Nothing Like Thick Crispy Bacon
Eggs done right!
The potatoes were heaven..
Aww this poor little guy met his maker right after this photo..
Tip your servers ..they work hard as hec!

And is if the restaurant and the food is not cool enough…A 3% charge is applied to each check in support of The Healthy San Francisco Ordinance
If you get to San Fran..Or if you currently reside in San Fran..get your butt over there!!  Make it a first stop ..seriously!
Restaurants with sexy names and even better food.. I “Like”
Taye 😉
2534 Mission Street 
San Francisco, Ca 
94110 415-648-7600

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