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Weekend Recap ✩ Americal Apparel to Stout & Everything Between.

Just a little weekend Recap…   
 Weddings…American Apparel Madness…Runway shows…A fat ass burger and some St. Germain’s
Who doesn’t adore looking back through the pic’s from the weekend on a Monday morning..Come on you know you all do it!
American Apparel Flea market..

If you have not gone..get your little butts there..

Picture this.. early Saturday morning..I start off at Earth bar..I need a smoothie and some E3 Live for what’s about to go down at the American Apparel factory in Downtown L.A.  Never shop on an empty stomach..It only leads to problem purchases.  Anyhow.  I pick up a MJP at her Gallery Papillion Institute of Art (notice the link) and we head on over.. 

We pull into the parking lot expecting total chaos.. Okay parking lot not bad. Two flights of stairs later and boom.. Pure Madness.. Inventory for days.. along with hoards of young Fashionista’s pushing cart fulls of tops, jeans, hoodies, dresses, panties, tights. You name it they had it!
It’s happening for the next 6 six days people…you don’t want to miss this.. I scored a pleated maxi skirt for 5 bucks!
Here’s the addy:  
747 Warehouse St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Note: prepare to wait in a big ass line at the register.. MJP and I got lucky.. a security guard for some reason (maybe it was a combo of my denim shorts and MJP’s hat) ushered us to the front if the line.  THANK GOODNESS..
A night at Stout..

Previously blogged here.  The very beautiful Zee and I decided after sitting at the bar of a very new restaurant which shall remain nameless..and getting the worst vibes ever… to take our little butts (little being a figure of speech here) over to Stout.  Two burgers, a glass of red wine, a salad, sweet potato fries and a chocolate chip bread pudding later…. we were in heaven..  We just missed the 5 dollar burger happy hour.. but Charlie the owner took great care of us!  Nothing like a great meal and fantastic service.. Thanks Charlie
The addy: 
1544 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 469-3801
Jamie’s Wedding…
So the best make-up artists in town had a little wedding soiree this weekend..(remember this post..she made me look this way

How beautiful does she look! It was perfection..they got married a while back in New Jersey and decided to throw a party in L.A.  What a flipin great idea..she got to wear her wedding dress twice. 

I couldn’t stop staring at her amazing head piece.. she made it!  I want one just to pin on my outfits Carrie Style!

I also indulged in a bit of this at the very open bar..Yum!

Dante the cute, very nice bartender from Philly was whipping up some pretty tasty drinks.

I just like the way my shoe looked next to her dress…random I know..

…And it all started here.. Wednesday night (who said the weekend has to start on Friday) and Nikia Phoenix (see her super awesome blog here)… At the Alternative Apparel show..
Note: Every time I took a pic with me in it that night I cut half my face off..sometimes you just gotta go with it..
I have to say.. It was a fun weekend..
Now off to a great week!
Weekend recaps…I “Like”
Taye 😉

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