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This is not a Food, Fashion or Beauty Post ✩ It’s a Steve Jobs post..

This is not a food , fashion or beauty post.. It has nothing to do with who’s wearing what or what new shoes I may have scored at the Barney’s sale..
This post is to pay respect to a man whom I have never met..and who quite frankly I had no idea existed until about 5 years ago..yet he has impacted my life and the way I live it so very profoundly..
Steve Jobs…
My work, my social life, my art, my photo’s and I would say three quarters of my time is spent playing, using, and totally engulfed in all my  “Apples”.  
Truly where would we be without it.  
My mom always told me that whatever great idea you have ..100 other people have that very same idea and one of them will act on it..
This is the one time that I think this saying does not apply.  I honestly think that the world would not operate the same if Steve Jobs had not been a part of it.. Sharing his vision with us step by step.. Computer by computer, iPhone by iPhone, iPad by iPad…
Someone else may have come up with something..but it would not have been Apple!
This I thank you for Steve Jobs..
May you rest in peace..and be reborn in another life every bit if the genius you were in this one..

Taye 😉

5 responses to “This is not a Food, Fashion or Beauty Post ✩ It’s a Steve Jobs post..”

  1. A.O. says:

    I love the post! Steve Jobs life inspires me to live my best life! Love your blog!

  2. His 2005 Stanford Commencement speech was also very inspiring. Challenges us to live each day to the fullest, and live our most authentic lives, reaching for our dreams regardless of how far out or non-traditional they may be.

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