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The beauty of a dress..For the economically challenged

There’s nothing like the beauty of a dress.
As of late I am completely obsessed with dresses.. But every time I set foot in  retail establishment the dresses I pick up are insanely out of my little budget.  Welcome to my tastes..
So I got to thinking.. I always see those ad’s “fakes are never in fashion”..  But what’s really considered a fake..or a knock off..? 
I look at these words simply as a way for those of us who don’t have $500 bucks to drop on every dress we see.. to stay in fashion.. and feel good doing it. 
Now I am not saying go down to the Alley (or Canal Street if you are in NYC) and buy the first plastic Gucci bag you see..
What I am saying is improvise..  
Remember..the clothes are not wearing you .. You are wearing the clothes!
Lately half of my time has been consumed with sifting through both high end and price friendly retail websites. My life is not always that exciting people!  Anyhow..The more I do the more I notice that as many times as I may see a killer dress that I “just have to have” on the higher end sights..most times there is a similar just as pretty dress on the price friendly one.
Why should we suffer just because we are economically challenged!!

I have put together a couple examples from two of my favorite sites.. Net-a-Porter and Asos.. (including the one above)

In case you have not had your morning coffee..the Net-a-Porter dresses are the ones on the left.

I adore all the cheaper Asos dresses just as much as I adore the Net-a-Porter ones.
For those who have the means ..spend away..for the rest of us who don’t always have a fat wallet..Asos, Forever 21, H&M and Nasty Gal can be your home away from home..
I plan on on doing a few more of these “For the Economically Challenged” posts.. Stay tuned!!
P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality.. but you got the point right..
Pretty Dresses at Bargain Prices.. I “Like”

Taye 😉

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  1. Jen Umm says:

    i am all over the asos polka dot dress *drool*

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