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Nicole Miller spring 2012 ✩ Wearable Risks..the good kind

Nicole Miller…Spring 2012…ADORE!  I sat in in the second row of the packed house looking around saying to myself.. Wow..I can’t believe I am here!  You may be saying to yourself..Really?  It’s a fashion show!  But this kind of stuff never gets old for me.  

The room went quiet..the lights went up..the sound of a revving motorcycle blared on through the speakers and the first model dressed in a modern back leather jacket and short dark cropped hair slightly reminiscent of Johnny Depp a la 1991  began to strut down the runway..and it was nothing short of awesome from then on out.  

I was hooked when girl #2 strutted down the runway in the most delicious multi colored long sleeve top sporting an iPad streaming a video of herself at that moment walking down the runway..Brilliant!

I myself have always associated Nicole Miller with pretty yet slightly conservative safe dresses that one might wear to a nice Sunday brunch with the family.. Not this Nicole Miller.. This show was edgy..colorful, full of life and full of risks..the wearable kind.  I was absolutely lusting after the way she mixed the most unlikely patterns in the funnest ways.  But judge for yourself..  I will let the photo’s do the talking.  Since you could not be there….enjoy!

 Nicole Miller Spring 2012…I “Like”

Taye 😉

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